Perspectives of an Amateur Philosopher and Essential Feminist

Written by Anna Gerrodette-Honda

Look, I didn’t set out to be a young feminist 45 years ago growing up during the 70s. It came as naturally as reaching for my fair share at the dinner table, or standing fast at my space in the line.  My common sense just happened to be vocal, persistently challenging, no, incessantly demanding some logic behind the unfairness.  Why did I get paid a 15 cent allowance when my brother got 25?  Were my chores worth less?  Why did those Saturday chores before freedom take 2 hours when his took only 20 minutes?  Let me go!

But all that had to blur over into church as well.  It was one thing that baffling reasons would have to be argued at home with imperfect parents, but I refused to believe that God would be so unfair.   I could feel the sacredness in worship.  I had no doubt about God, but His authority felt to be usurped by such absurdity.  Questioning absurdity led to answers like “It is what it is” and “The Bible is Infallible.”  Really? Woman came from a rib?  Then the world might as well reside on a turtle’s back.

I’m pragmatic, not dogmatic though.  I wasn’t going to throw the baby out with the bathwater without at least some research, so I tried to find out what Moses really meant.  I’m just an amateur philosopher, but I found enough answers to accept the divinity of the Word.  The restored translation opened up Genesis into such depth of poetry, the interpretations gave me vertigo.

Words and symbols define the possible. Tip an 8 sideways and infinity tumbles out,
but there is no word for ____, so for us it doesn’t exist.
Moses saw God and wrote a book about the I Am.    Such utterly insufficient words.

It was a divinely flaming bush, burning without consuming.
The power of vision blazed his hair white…  He saw God , the Creator of the Universe,
and spared the consequence of death, he lived to tell.

I have so many questions, what do I not see in these few words?
And I am a woman,
would an all loving God not create me equal to a man?

Unlocking Ancient Hebrew, writ in Moses’ hand:
hieroglyph letters are pictures and a subjective meaning;
letters weave together like math.
Each word is a painting and a poem.
Each sentence stacks up layers of implication.
Each chapter speak encyclopedic volumes in logical vertigo.

Write but do not pronounce the most sacred name in Genesis.  All other verbs derive from this, unique, the only verb and noun, the one signifying the Creator.

At top, scribe the letter of the sign of Life,
double it,
add the sign of Intelligible Light between.
Then add the sign of potential manifestation,
with its foundation in eternity.
Vertically, a hieroglyph depicting the shape of a man.

The letter with the sound of
A   =  the manifestation of,
D  =  man,
A   =  the manifestation of,
M  =  woman.
ADAM is writ with its root meaning red clay.

collective humanity created of earth in physical form resembling spirit.
Vertically, again one sees the shape of a man; but smaller.
Adam, a shadow of IHOAH, created in His image.

Turn the scroll to God broke off Adam’s rib and created Eve.
Crowded centuries have defected over this, me as well.
But translate each hieroglyph, letter by letter, by word, by connotation:
within a circumferential envelope, an exterior covering, protecting, shelter
to break off one of the involutions of him
the fixed form, configuration, exterior appearance, animal substance
in repetition, or doubled    (thus a spiraling winding)
into the action of shaping, and the other the object of this action.

Moses with ink and papyrus attempted to explain the vision of DNA in a cell,
how God broke and altered half of Adam’s spiral blueprint. He tried to steal electric fire for his goat-herding brethren, but translators scratched their collective heads and wrote “Rib.”

Moses continues: so that Adam would not be alone, God created 
(the word we’ve come to call “Eve.” )
Moses repeats several times: this is not universal woman.
It is a companion, an auxillary force, The Power and the Act in Will.
To be unique among animals, with Creative Volition,
Adam imagines complexities and brings them about,
now a shadow of and a companion for God the Creator.
Moses gives this creativity a feminine aspect, paired with masculine logic,
understanding anima and animus.

Does this restore faith, or shake it?
Clarity is sweet on the tongue, but so much to absorb.
And what about evil, the snake?  A serpentine looking hieroglyph,
One of several meanings is leaving God’s Grace.
Moses wrote the consequence: life becomes labor.

How to pack so much not even fully understood into a smaller language…
Greek, Latin, English?  Letters are just sounds, words mean only one thing.
Chose one, perhaps two ideas, and shape them into Allegory, a hint of the truth;
because the literal doesn’t fit, it must be discarded.
Pictures and symbols weaved into a story populated with Ribs, Companions, Apples, and Snakes.
The organic sphere of activity  =  a garden
sentient and temporal   =   basic sensual desire
anteriority of time   =  morning
matter in travail   =   a tree.
Feminine Creativity paired with Masculine Logic =  she is a helpmate.

History, his story, will eventually apologize.
Translating patriarchs couldn’t or wouldn’t accept Woman on equal terms.
Interpreting Allegory literally in a power struggle,
blaming “her” for ignorance.
bestowing only on her the punishment of the wayward,
translating difficult labor into painful childbirth,
then finally, editing out retroactively almost every trace of Yahweh’s wife, who is an archeological fact… but another time for that.

Such a lengthy explanation of only five words, and Moses wrote 5 books …
but this was sufficient for me
My questions were answered when I sought the Truth.

Copyright 2013 Anna Honda.  All rights reserved.
(referencing The Hebraic Tongue Restored, by Fabre D’Olivet, 1815.
Part 2, Cosmogony of Moses,  67: (IHOAH)  87: (rib)  91: (Aisha, or Eve))

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