VICTORY: Effort to Repeal The School Success and Opportunity Act fails

Since California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1266 into law last August, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has been trying desperately to repeal it.

I wrote about this ordeal for Being Feminist back in January, the same month that the law took effect.

Today it has been announced that PJI does not have enough signatures to put the law, or the repeal of the law, on the ballot for a public vote.

The tactic of putting a law up to a public vote was what caused Prop 8 in California back in 2008.

This latest development is great for transgender students, as well as the activists and advocates that support them.

Unfortunately, the PJI is going to see this to the bitter end, according to a press release they issued this evening:

“Although the Secretary of State declared only 487,484 signatures valid—17,276 short of the required 504,760—that number doesn’t account for signatures that may have been wrongly thrown out. Historically, courts have set a much friendlier standard for validity than what many counties require. PJI, a member of the Privacy for All Students coalition, has a right to review and appeal each one of the roughly 131,000 signatures which were rejected.”

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